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World of Wong Kar Wai - The Criterion Collection (Blu-ray) (Tuonti)

Special edition Collection of seven films by Wong Kar Wai!

Collection of seven films by Wong Kar Wai.

As Tears Go By (1988): Trapped on the criminal mean streets of modern Kowloon, Ah Wah and his side-kick Fly are caught in a downward spiral of violence and vengeance. The arrival of Ah's cousin brings vain hopes of love, of a life away from Kowloon's endless savagery and corruption, but escape is impossible. Wong Kar-Wai's debut, a savage tale of loyalty, loss and despair is beautifully shot and features a truly compelling performance from Lau as the doomed anti-hero.

Days of Being Wild (1990): Hong Kong 1960. York (Leslie Cheung) is a vain, amoral sexual predator abandoned in his childhood. In his youth he drifts through a series of casual friendships and affairs with one purpose: to discover the identity of his natural mother. She has long since moved to the Philippines and his foster mother refuses to tell him. As one of York's lovers courts a policeman (Andy Lau), York travels to the Philippines in search of the truth.

Chung-King Express (1994): A supremely stylish combination of love story and thriller, set in and around Hong Kong's infamous Chungking Mansions, a vast complex of shabby hostels, bars and clubs. The film tells the stories of two lovelorn cops (Takeshi Kaneshiro and Tony Leung) and the women with whom they become involved: a mysterious blonde-wigged drug dealer (Brigitte Lin), and an impulsive young dreamer (Faye Wong).

Fallen Angels (1995): Story of a professional killer in Hong Kong. It follows the in's and out's of his job and his partner in crime who he rarely sees. After 3 years of working together he wants out. Another sub-plot is about a mute (caused by eating expired cans of pineapples for a month, after he was heart broken) who breaks into restaurants, cafés and ice-cream trucks at night and forces people to buy his goods!

Happy Together (1997): A couple take a trip to Argentina but both men find their lives drifting apart in opposite directions.

In the Mood for Love (2000): Hong Kong, 1962. Chow (Tony Leung) is a junior newspaper editor with and elusive wife. His new neighbour Li-zhen (Maggie Cheung) is a secretary whose husband seems to spend all his time on business trips. They become friends, making the lonely evenings more bearable. As their relationship develops they make a discovery that changes their lives forever...

2046 (2004): Continuing from "In The Mood For Love", Chow Mo Wan, damaged by his brief affair with Maggie, shuns love for a series of one-night stands. Residing in a cheap hotel, Chow works away on a mysterious science fiction novel in which people travel to the year 2046...






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