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The Fly - 5 Film Collector's Set (Tuonti Suom.Teksti)

Kauhu vuodelta 1986 ohjaus David Cronenberg pääosissa Jeff Goldblum ja Geena Davis.


The Fly (1958) A brilliant scientist becomes obsessed with perfecting a device that can transmit matter from one location to another. Successful in his initial tests, he experiments with a human guinea pig - himself. But an ordinary housefly makes the journey with him, and when they emerge, both creatures have been extraordinarily changed. This is the chilling story of a man fighting to retain his humanity, and a desperate woman's attempt to save the man she loves.

Return Of The Fly (1959) The boundaries of science are pushed to their every limits in this sequel to the classic, ever-popular The Fly. Here Philippe, the son of the ill-fated scientist, naively continues his father's misguided experiments. The victim of his traitorous assistant's greedy ambitions, Philippe finds himself in a terrifying limbo - he's grown the head and limbs of a fly! Taking spectacular revenge on his betrayers, Philippe must also race against time and find a way to reverse the horrifying mutation.

Curse Of The Fly (1965) The conclusion to the terrifying story of the Delambre family in which three descendants of the original teleportation scientist (the son and two grandsons) continue the experiments in an effort to perfect the machine...

The Fly - 20th Anniversary Special Edition (1986): This frightening, but extremely moving and romantic horror film stars Jeff Goldblum as an over-ambitious scientist who accidentally merges with a housefly while conducting a bizarre teleporting experiment. A journalist (Geena Davis) who has fallen in love with him while covering his scientific endeavours, suddenly finds herself caring for a horrific creature whose insect half gradually begins to take over.

The Fly II - Special Edition (1989): Martin Brundle, son of 'The Fly', continues his father's work on the teleporters for Bartok Industries. He is ignorant of his father's true identity and believes himself to have a growth disease. When Martin falls in love with Beth his life changes. As he loses his innocence he also learns the full horror...

Huomioi: Curse of the Fly ei sisällä suomenkielinen tekstitys.

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» The Fly - 20th Anniversary Special Edition: Audio commentary from director David Cronenberg
» Deleted and extended scenes
» 'Fear Of The Flesh': an interactive 'Making Of' documentary with branching clips
» 'The Brundle Museum Of Natural History' featurette (12 mins)
» George Langelaan's original short story
» Charles Edward Pogue's original screenplay
» David Cronenberg's rewrite
» 'The Fly Papers': an interactive Cinefax article
» 'New Buzz On An Old Theme': an interactive American Cinematographer article
» 'More About The Fly': an interactive American Cinematographer article
» Film tests (7 mins)
» 1986 David Cronenberg profile
» 1986 Electronic Press Kit (EPK)
» Stills galleries
» Poster gallery
» Trailers
» TV spots
» The Fly II - Special Edition:
» Audio commentary from director Chris Walas and film historian Bob Burns
» Deleted scenes
» Alternative ending
» 'The Fly Papers - The Buzz On Hollywood's Scariest Insect' documentary (58 mins)
» 'Transformations - Looking Back At The Fly II' documentary (48 mins)
» Storyboard to finished film comparisons of 3 scenes with optional audio commentary from Chris Walas
» CWI video production journal
» 'Composer's Masterclass': a featurette on Christopher Young
» Still galleries
» Original theatrical Electronic Press Kit (EPK)
» Trailers



1 Oscar, 1 Oscar-ehdokkuus 1986

Voittanut Maskeeraus (Chris Walas, Stephan Dupuis)


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