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LucidSound LS30 Wireless Headset (musta)

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Introducing the most sophisticated design in gaming headsets, the wireless LS-30 by LucidSound. Breaking the molds of traditional gaming headsets, the LS-30 not only looks elegant but is functionally different than any other gaming headset on the market. The LS-30's revolutionary design provides simplistic, intuitive controls to adjust the most commonly used features including game volume, game mute, chat volume, and mic mute. With both an integrated microphone and removable boom microphone, the LS-30 can be used on the go with mobile gaming devices, phones and audio devices. The versatility and cross platform compatibility allows the LS-30 to work seamlessly with the XBOX One and PS4 as well as legacy consoles including the XBOX360 and PS3.

Look Different
Not all gaming headsets are created equal and the LS-30 stands out among the crowd. Blending form and function, the LS-30 is sleek and elegant offering a solution that can rival any lifestyle headset but stays true as a hardcore gaming headset. Who cares how you look in the living room? We do.

Control Different
Many premium headset have an issue with controllability. Most wireless gaming headsets are frustrating to use, causing the user to hunt for a button or rocker switch just to press the wrong one. The LS-30 offers the most intuitive control scheme ever in a gaming headset. Each earcup has an elegant integrated control wheel and center button for simple and easy-to-find controls. We designed the LS-30 headset frame so that your hands can easily find and control the most frequently used features effortlessly.

Feel Different
Comfort is a key requirement for a gaming headset as they may be worn for hours at a time. The LS-30 was designed to be comfortable for every size head. We engineered just the right amount of clamping force to keep them secure and included memory foam ear cushions that mold to your ears reducing ear fatigue.

Hear Different
LucidSound is a specialized audio company that strives to provide the most balanced high performance audio experience possible for gaming. Other headsets that plug directly into the controller?s 3.5mm jack for game audio will deliver a compressed and inferior audio experience. The LS-30 uses advanced uncompressed wireless technology delivering the best sound quality possible.

  • Dual Microphones
    Dual microphones offer a removable boom mic for intense online gameplay and an integrated mic for mobile use
  • Wireless
    Advanced uncompressed wireless technology provides the best possible sound quality
  • Rechargeable Battery
    The built-in battery delivers 15-hours per charge
  • Independant Game and Chat Volume controls
    Adjust game and chat volume independently giving the user complete control to customize the audio experience
  • Crystal Clear Communication
    Use the flexible boom mic for intense gaming or remove it and use the integrated mic
  • Built in mic monitoring
    Built in mic monitoring lets you hear your own voice so you don?t shout disturbing others around you
  • 50mm Speakers
    A custom designed 50mm speaker with Neodymium magnets provide deep bass and clear highs
  • EQ Modes
    Choose the sound that?s right for you or the game you?re playing with 3 unique EQ presets.
  • Amplified Stereo Sound
    Immerse yourself in the carefully crafted, signature LucidSound audio acoustics.
  • Paketti sisältää:
    LS-30 Headset
    Removable Boom Mic with hole plugs
    USB Base Station
    Xbox One Chat / Mobile 3.5mm Cable
    Xbox 360 Chat Cable
    Micro USB Charging Cable
    Optical Cable
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